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Expeditions have three or more sections that are carefully designed to combine active adventure and wilderness travel. We believe they are the best ways to experience the particular regions that we travel through.

All of the skills associated with our activities are taught from the fundamentals on up, and no experience is necessary. One of our goals is to have participants gain a basic understanding of each activity, so that they have a solid foundation of skills necessary to become safe and competent Backcountry Travelers, Paddlers and Sailors.

Backcountry Travel unites all of our Expeditions. Selecting a campsite, forecasting weather, handling emergencies and planning/cooking meals are all skills that are a part of traveling in the backcountry. We work on the skills necessary to travel and live with a group in a wilderness setting, focusing on personal and group responsibility.

Sea Kayaking is perhaps the best way to explore the coast line in protected waters and inland waterways. The kayak enables us to glide through shallow waters, investigate small inlets and make beach landings in secluded coves. Paddling technique and kayak safety, including wet-exits and kayak rescues, are discussed and practiced. Additionally, we learn basic navigation skills, weather forecasting and, when in the ocean, tide prediction and marine navigation.

Backpacking is a way to experience the wilderness with simple self-sufficiency. Our backpack trips are at least a few days in duration, and take us through glacier carved notches, over mountain passes, across alpine meadows and along rugged coast lines. We focus on the basics like what to pack, how to pack it, and adjusting your pack for efficiency. We also learn backcountry navigation techniques, camp site selection, and how to travel with a group.

Sailing through the protected waters along the coast of Maine, USVI or in the San Juan Islands are excellent ways to learn or build coastal sailing skills. Sail theory, seamanship and marine navigation are taught by expert instructors - and students are actively engaged in the sailing and navigation of our vessels. We believe that our trips are unique because we sail with two boats, and limit the number of students to 5 or 6 on each boat (see What Makes Us Unique for more details).

Whitewater Rafting in inflatable kayaks,2-person row-frame rafts or 8-person paddle rafts are a part of each expedition. Whether a single day of invigorating Class IV rapids or four days of rafting through a desert canyon, rafting is always a highlight of every Williwaw expedition. With the help of expert guides, we learn paddling skills and whitewater navigation, as well as the importance of teamwork and communication.

Whitewater Kayaking school is a focus of our Paddle Maine trip. Beginning with the basics in flatwater - you will learn wet-exits, paddling techniques and how to roll. Then you will move on to moving water, and progressively build you skills. With the help of expert guides, learn paddling skills, how to surf waves, ferrying, whitewater navigation and whitewater safety.

Surfing needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Harnessing the energy of a wave on top of a surfboard is an amazing and exhilarating way to spend time on the coast. Our instructors teach us to read waves on the horizon, paddling skills and balance. We spend several days building our surfing skills along a stretch of coast that is ideal for learning.

Float Planes take us from one activity to another in remote areas where travel by other means is not possible. In expeditions that have float plane elements, we experience the wilderness we are traveling through from a different perspective.

Exploration is an important aspect to each expedition and a key component to creating a unique experience for you and your group. You may arrive to camp early in the afternoon and decide to check out a swimming hole; be waiting for the fog to lift and take a walk around a small island on the coast, spend the afternoon exploring a slot canyon, or spend part of a travel day exploring the town near your campsite.

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We first began our wilderness adventure program in 2001, with our Maine Wilderness Expedition combining backpacking, sailing, sea kayaking and whitewater rafting. Our adventure camps are truly unique expeditions that balance adventure, exploration and fun. We focus our teen summer camps on creating a fun and positive experience in a small-group setting.

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