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References & Testimonials

One of the best ways to learn more about us is to contact our references to get their perspective. Many of our past participants and their families would be more than happy to discuss their experience on a Williwaw expedition.

Testimonials from Parents

“David and I wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience Alayna had with you. She always felt safe, challenged and quite proud of herself. She stepped out of her safety zone and learned that outside of that place there is a whole other life."
- Carole D., Wilmette, IL, Pacific NW Expedition

“This was the best camping experience he has ever had by far (having had 4 previous summers at excellent camps). Both the activities and the group experiences sound so fun, positive, educational, and well-organized.”
- Rika A., Montclair, NJ, Maine Wilderness Expedition

"It would be impossible to overstate the effect that the adventure had on him. Since returning home, he has talked about it incessantly, raving not only about the activities, but (equally if not more importantly) the people with whom he traveled. He met so many other great kids, and he's talked about how they swapped contact information, and want to have a reunion, and try and go on a trip together next summer, and share photographs and so on and so on. In addition, he had nothing but great things to say about the guides. Educational but entertaining, authoritative but not tyrannical, I think they are his new heroes. Who knew a city kid could be so swayed?
... we are forever indebted to you for providing the opportunity. Words can scarcely convey how impressed we are with your generosity and commitment. If every kid you accept gains even half of what Chris gained, then you should be incredibly proud of the work you're doing. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.."

- Dennis M., Atlanta, GA, Maine Peaks & Paddles

"Everything he has shared has been exciting, positive, rewarding, fun, challenging. He already wants to sign up for a Katahdin trip
next summer.
- Chris C., Medina,WA, Pacific NW Expedition

Testimonials from Students

“Hi Mike! I don’t know that I ever got to thank you - but even today I still brag about my summer with Williwaw. I am always more than happy to recommend it to your new participants. Today I still hike and sail. Because of my experience with you - I am still participating in the outdoor events that you taught me to enjoy. I have been to a lot of summer programs and Williwaw has certainly stood out from them; you own something great.”
- Isaac K., Reading, PA - Maine Wilderness Expedition

"I had a most amazing time ... it was probably my best summer yet.”
- Brittany S., Wellfleet, MA - Pacific Coast Expedition

"The trip was so much more than anything I could have ever imagined ... I will never forget it."
- Maddy K., Upper Montclair, NJ - Pacific NW Expedition

"I thought the instructors were fantastic, and they had so much to share with us. Without them our trip would not have been nearly as enjoyable. Also, the way that our group came together so quickly is definitely due to them, and we owe them a great thanks, Furthermore, the organization of everything astounded me, and I thought that how everything came together seamlessly was really incredible. You guys have a really great operation going on here, and I am really glad that I was a part of it. Thank you all for such a great experience.”
-Jesse M., Montclair, NJ - Maine Wilderness Expedition & PNW Expedition

"I feel very different, I feel more capable and willing to be part of a group, this experience has taught me so many lessons, and I will never forget it. I am really glad that I was a part of it. Thank you all for such a great experience.”
-Cody H., Redmond, OR - Pacific Coast Expedition

"When i first read about the trip and signed up.. i got a little nervouse about meeting these other kids my age.. and having to be compatible or not.. feeling like you might get singled out.. but that was not the case at all.. we all became like a true family.. and we were always there for each other.. and it past my expectations by far. I'm looking forward to next summer to sign up for another trip with Williwaw.”
-Tyson V., Front Royal, VA - Maine Peaks & Paddles


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We first began our wilderness adventure program in 2001, with our Maine Wilderness Expedition combining backpacking, sailing, sea kayaking and whitewater rafting. Our adventure camps are truly unique expeditions that balance adventure, exploration and fun. We focus our teen summer camps on creating a fun and positive experience in a small-group setting.

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